Alburqueque and Santa Fe, NM

Posted: September 16th, 2008 under New Mexico, September 2008.
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New Mexico road side

New Mexico road side

September 16, 2008 –We spent last night in Santa Rosa, NM and left just after 9am.  We decided that we really needed to get the oil change and to keep an eye out in Albuquerque for either a Toyota dealer.  Boy, did we ever find one.  We ended up at the Karl Malone Toyota Superstore.  Quite an experience for something so mundane!  Anyway, we put the Mobil One synthetic oil in and now that I can speak in hindsight — it has improved our mileage quite a bit.  We are now averaging 50 MPG. Love our Prius.  



Hemp Store posters facing our lunch restaurant

Hemp Store posters facing our lunch restaurant

For lunch, we drove up to Santa Fe.  Carl had been there once about 16 years ago or longer.  I never had but loved the photos from Poornima’s vacation.  We had nachos and juice for lunch sitting across from a hemp store.  We didn’t really stay long enough to get to know the town but had a fairly good impression from it.  Carl was more disappointed than I was since he felt that it was much more commercial than he last remembered it.  My thoughts are the Portsmouth has changed in equal ways over the past 15 to 20 years.  It’s hard to keep a good artistic community from the yuppies!  Still, I’d consider exploring it more as a possible home — it did have several whole food stores and a Trader Joes. Plus the houses looked very interesting. And they were working on a new railroad track that looked like it might go down to Albuquerque eventually.  I think we will be back before all is said and done.


We drove back down 25 over to 40 and stayed in Grants, New Mexico.  We are no longer counting how many miles in a day.  We are here. We now EXPLORE!

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  1. OK I’ll try again as I hit enter! Great job Judi. It’s raining here like nobody’s business today so I got out the map and followed your route. Traveling is fun But between the lines you look ready to park it for a while, yes? Take care and enjoy. Fred

    Comment by Fred — September 26, 2008 @ 9:09 pm

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