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Posted: September 28th, 2008 under Arizona, Colorado, Four Corners, New Mexico, September 2008, Utah.

September 28, 2008– We crossed into Colorado today!

Carl and Judi standing on four states at once

Carl and Judi standing on four states at once: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona

I have always been fascinated by borders.  When I lived on Badgers Island in Kittery, ME, the border to NH was somewhere in the Piscataqua River.  I was born at the Portmouth Naval Base (in Kittery), again, just over the border from NH.  In fact for many years there was discussion of moving the border so that both Badgers Island and the Portsmouth Naval Base would suddenly be part of New Hampshire. I thought I would be one of the unique few who would suddenly have their place of birth changed from Maine to New Hampshire – though I did perceive some problems with renewing my passport.



Four Corners Monument

Four Corners Monument

It was only natural that I would be fascinated by a place called “four corners” in which you could stand on 4 states (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah) at the exact same time. (In fact, the Four Corners is the only place in the United States where four states come together at one place.) As it urned out that Carl was just as fascinated and we enjoyed many a morning cup of coffee talking about how we’d like to see Four Corners some day.


GPS shows we are parked on 4 states

GPS shows we are parked on 4 states

Well, we saw it today.  

All I can say is, if this really was to be the pinnacle of our trip, well, then I’d have to take a second look at all of our decisions up to this point. Outside of the fact that one can say that s/he stood in four states at once, there is nothing to recommend anyone to come here!  After seeing Mountain Meadows Monument and how nice that was done, I guess we expected more. Like maybe even a picnic table.  Or, an authentic Native American restaurant.  I suspect the Navajo eat stuff other than fried dough.

Of course, now that we have been here, we see the real irony in this being part of the Navajo Nation — the survey, and thus the borders, were done by U.S. Government and Astronomers: in 1868 with the survey of Colorado’s southern boundary. Surveys followed of New Mexico’s west boundary and Utah’s east boundary in 1878. The northern boundary of Arizona was surveyed in 1901. A small permanent marker was erected in 1912 where the boundaries of the four states intersected. The Monument was refurbished in 1992 with a bronze disk embedded in granite. Really, why would the Navajos care about this border?

Native American stands at Four Corners

Souvenir stands at Four Corners

Well, at least we now can say we have been here!

Tonight we are staying in Cortez, Colorado and will visit Mesa Verde tomorrow.  I am very excited about this!


Four Corners Visitor Center

Four Corners Visitor Center

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  1. I can’t believe I missed this page!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!! I wish I was there … that is so awesome. Good for you guys! Keep rollin’ …. 😉

    Doreen Xo

    Comment by Doreen — October 20, 2008 @ 5:40 pm

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