Canyon de Chelly

Posted: September 17th, 2008 under Anasazi Cliff Dwelling, Arizona, Canyon de Chelly, September 2008.


Canyon de Chelly with Anasazi Dwelling

Canyon de Chelly with Anasazi Dwelling

September 17, 2008. When we woke up this morning (in Grants, New Mexico) we were unsure which way we would go — up 491 through Navajo Nation to Shiprock and then Four Corners Monument — or into Arizona and up 191 to Chinle and the Canyon de Chelly.  We decided on the latter.  



This in in Navajo Nation (AZ side).  Pronounced Canyon de “shay.”   Notice the Anasazi Cave Dwellings — we were pretty excited to see these. 

Canyon de Chelly is one of the oldest continuously dwelled canyons.  

We spent about 3hours here and then continued north on 191 and then west on 160.  We had hoped to find a place to stay in Kayenta but it was booked full.  We had dinner at an Dineh run restuarant and then drove to Tuba City where we did not even see a hotel.  We ended up arriving in Flagstaff well after dark — did the last hour of the scenic drive in the dark.  Anyway, now that we know we are here we will drive up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon tomorrow.  I am SO excited!


Canyon de Chelly -- looking down at floor

Canyon de Chelly -- looking down at floor




Bad night sleep! We learned the hard way that every train in the US must pass through Flagstaff at night — and blow its whistle for safety.

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