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Posted: September 23rd, 2008 under Cedar City, UT, September 2008, Utah.


Coming into Cedar City from Rte 56

Coming into Cedar City from Rte 56

September 23, 2008 –Today is a “down day” and I finally have a chance to update MostlyFiction, work on this blog and download photos. This life of travel and leisure can certainly run one down! Currently I am sitting in a hotel in Cedar City, Utah. This is the first day that we are not travelling since we started the trip. Instead we sat and enjoyed a Cappuchino at Starbucks, went shopping at Walmart (yes, family Carl was in Walmart!), washed and waxed the car (lots of bug juice), took naps and I learned how to create a blog. Oh, and Carl got a hair cut. (Note the goatee was shaved off days ago.)



Carl with new haircut

Carl with new haircut

We had planned to go to Zion National Park today, but we didn’t get much sleep last night and I think we are just worn out from constantly being on the move, not to mention the big move itself. Anyway, our room was next to a frequently used exit with a slamming door and a metal staircase.  We had the same room the night before but we only heard one or two people use this exit.  Starting around 4 am, it sounded like a heard of elephants chased by hunters with shot guns. This morning, we were switched to a new room and Carl is catching up on some valuable sleep as I write this. The new room is a suite for same low price as previous room. Lucky us!

We are thinking that we might have to wait until next spring to see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley — or at least until October 10th. There are no hotel rooms available within a reasonable driving distance. So we are trying to determine our next move. It is getting cool in the mountains, especially at night and morning so we are glad that we are not tenting. Maybe it is time to head back into the valley. We are even contemplating picking up an RV and setting it up with Internet access and Solar Panels for some boondocking experience. Staying in hotels is getting old. Stay tuned.

Because part of this expedition is to find our next place to live, I asked the front desk woman about the winters in Cedar City.  She said it is just too much snow. It starts in November and this year it didn’t end until February. I told this to Carl with dismay and he said he’d check on the Internet.   Guess what?   It only snows 8″ a month here, half as much as Nashua! Everything is a matter of perspective, isn’t it?  We do like Cedar City.  We will keep this one in mind for the future.

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